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Play-Kuntiputra Karna




Directed by Arvind Gaur

When: 6pm, August 12, 2006

Where: Marana Auditorium, Hurstville NSW




Aishveryaa Nidhi                      Kunti

Shourya Nidhi                          Karna





Karn’s story starts long before he’s born.


In her palace full of anxiety, Kunti has just received a sacred mantra from Rishi Durwaasa. According to Rishi Durwaasa, the mantra, when chanted, will make any god Kunti desires visit her. Kunti, of course, is not entirely sure if the mantra will work. And in an attempt to test it, she calls upon Lord Surya – the God of Sun.


Lord Surya visits Kunti, of course, and asks her what she desires. Being the daughter of King Kuntibhoj, Kunti can’t think of any wish unfulfilled. But Lord Surya, a symbol of opulence, can’t leave without gifting Kunti with something special. So, as a token of his visit, he leaves Kunti with a son.


The infant, the son of Lord Surya and Kunti, is born with two ethereal things attached to his body – a golden kavach (waist jacket) and a pair of gold kundals (earrings).


Kunti is happy. But only momentarily. She’s unmarried and the thought of bearing a child before marriage and facing public ridicule haunts her. So, with a heavy heart and teary eyes, she decides to part with her new-born son.


In the dark of night, she places the child in a wooden basket and sets it afloat in a river.


The basket, carrying the young child, follows the flow of its destiny and ends up next to the hut of charioteer Adhirath and his wife Radha. The couple happily adopt the child as their own and that’s how the son of Lord Surya and Pincess Kunti finds a home in a poor charioteer’s hut.




Kuntiputra Karna brings together some tragic episodes from Karn’s life on stage. The first scene of the play takes us to the Kingdom of Hastinapur, which is hosting a competition to determine the most skilled warrior of the world.


Guru Dronacharya, the teacher of the Pandavas and Kauravas, is sure that his favourite student Arjun will win the competition. But only till Karn turns up for the contest. 


Dronacharya has heard of this young man’s skills and is afraid he may beat Arjun. So, in a bid to secure Arjun the title of the best warrior, Dronacharya points out Karn’s lower-class background and declares that he’s not fit to compete with princes.


Karn is disqualified. He takes a beating in this competition even without being given the chance to compete.


Ironically, no one realises that, in actuality, Karn is the son of Kunti and Lord Surya, except for Kunti herself, who is present among the audience and who recognises Karn, thanks to the ethereal kavach and kundals he was born with. But, of course, bound in traditions, she once again stifles her love for her son, just as she did while she set him afloat in the river, shortly after he was born.


This, and many other tragic episodes from Karn’s life make up Kuntiputra Kar

About Actor

Shourya Nidhi

Shourya is a born actor and has worked extensively since he was four years old. He has done a variety of work and has attended a number of theatre workshops. He has been a favorite on Nicolodean Channel and has done numerous modeling assignments, including MARCS Clothing in Australia in 2004 and various other assignments in New Zealand and India.

He has acted in a TV serial called Chetna Ki Ghadi for Sony TV in India. He attended a dance workshop by Shaimak Dawar in India. Shourya is popular for his comedy show in Sydney and now, and is playing Karna in Sootputra Karan,which is directed by Arvind Gaur.

   His major works have been:

  • Comic Relief - A production-based workshop at Australian Theatre for Young People (ATYP) in July 2005. His tutor was Jo Turner.
  • Andher Nagari Choupat Raja - Directed by Vagish Kumar Singh, a production-based National School of Drama (NSD) workshop at NIDA.
  • Camera and Creative Acting at ATYP in August-September 2003. His tutor was Lucinda Amour.
  • Silly Olympics - Weekend workshop at NIDA in October-November 2002.
  • Mein Aur M!!!!!!!!! - Weekend workshop of NSD Theatre In Education Company in August-September 2001.
  • Aurat - directed by Arvind Gaur, production-oriented theatre workshop by ASMITA Theatre Group in June 2000.
  • Workshop by Madhu Sagar in May-June 2000.
  • Saptrishiyon Ke Desh Mein - Natkhat Utsav Workshop by Sahitya Kala Parishad in June1999.
  • Pyar Nafrat Phool Bahadur - Directed by V K & Kiran of Khilona Theatre Group and performed at the India Habitat Centre, in February1999. Talking Trees - Directed by Arun Singh, backed by Sanjeevni Art Society and performed at the India Habitat Centre in June 1998. The play was shown on Good Morning India on Star Plus channel.