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Cast-Credit-Hamare Padosi

Pratick Tanna with Shourya Nidhi


 I am Aussie born but a true Hindustani, DIL, DIMAG, RUH SAB KUCHH EKDAM Indian.  I am 14 years old but everyone thinks I am 19, and people expect me to have funny experiences like driving a car, and more than that ….  You don’t believe me?  Come and see “HAMARE PADOSI” and you will know what I mean … so see you there.




 I have worked extensively since I was four years old. I have done a variety of work and have attended a number of theatre workshops. I have been a favorite on Nicolodean Channel and have done numerous modeling assignments, including MARCS Clothing in Australia and various other assignments in New Zealand and India.
I has acted in a TV serial called Chetna Ki Ghadi  for Sony TV in India. I also attended a dance workshop by Shaimak Dawar in India and I am very lucky to be trained under Mr. Arvind Gaur and am happy to play Karna in Kuntiputra Karna, which is directed by Mr. Aravind Gaur.


Mr.Kiran Desai With Writer Vijay Jogia

Kiran Desai  (Production co-ordinator)


 I am a professional Photographer and Videographer from Bollywood. I have extensively worked for TV commercials, TV Serials and commercial photography for 25 years. My father was first PR person for Sharmila Tagore, Navketan Enterprises, Subodh Mukherji productions.

 I grew up in very creative environment. I have full set up from filming to editing and digital imaging. This is my first opportunity to be involved in theatre production. This is once in a life-time opportunity to attend a theatre workshop like this and I am enjoying it. (Star Multimedia Production ,Ph.9587 0065)

Abhijit Singh with Kabir Singh


 I am a student in Year 9 at Glenwood High School, and am a product of Delhi Public School, Faridabad.  Acting is my passion like my mother.  Do you remember a curly haired boy of Essel world’s first ever advertisement on Zee TV?  I am that boy who shot that ad when I was only two years of age.  I have acted in many plays during school and am still an active member of my School Drama Club.



 I am 26 years old.  I have been living in Sydney for the past 14 years.  I have been in business for the past six years.  I have been very interested in drama and acting since childhood.  I enjoy travelling, writing, and painting.  I believe that the success of a person lies in the measure of his surrender.


Ashok Manglick with Praveen Zaidi


 I came to Sydney a long time ago.  I was born and grew up in India.  I did my engineering education at IIT Kanpur, and my PhD at Sydney University.  With nothing better to do, I also did my MBA at the AGSM, University of NSW.  At present I am Group Manager Customer Relations in TransGrid. 

 I have always loved music, performing arts, and painting.  This opportunity to act has opened up a whole new vista, a whole new vista of beautiful possibilities!  I have come to realise that creativity is a complex and organic process.  At the same time, it is uplifting and sustaining, and hence more satisfying.  I look forward to similar opportunities to create and perform. I can be contacted on 0407 258 891 or



 I came to Australia in the late 60s with my father.  He was a world famous historian.  He has written many books, including “The Wonder that Was India”.  I completed all my studies in Canberra, including three degrees in Science.  I am a Scientist and now teach Physics in Schools and Colleges.  I have acted in many plays during school time.  Also, in the school that I am teaching now, I have directed some plays for the students.  I have been extras in some movies, and I love singing and dancing.  I have a deep love for live theatre.  I have three adorable grown up children.


Shubha Kumar with Lucky Singh

SHUBHA KUMAR  (Production Manager)

 I am at present President of the India Club.  Formerly I was President of the United Indian Association (UIA), and Australian Hindi Indian Association (AHIA).  I established the India Club to promote Indian culture in Australia, to organise regular social get-togethers for like minded people, and to add value to the Club members and the community.  My vision is to realise the dream of Indians that one day we would have our own premises and people could say “Chalo apne Club chalet hain, apne Club mein milte hain”.

 The Universe has been kind to me, enabling me to take the institutions she presided over to their peak, with great support of many friends and husband Dr Aksheya Kumar.  I took the UIA India Australia Fair to Sydney Olympic Park and turned it into a very profitable and prestigious Indian community function, a proud icon for the Indian Community.

 I enjoy creative cooking and reading; and making a positive contribution to the community has become my passion.



 I am a Teacher in Parramatta Public School, with a Masters degree in English and a degree in Bachelor of Education.  I came to Australia in 2003.  I have taught in Delhi Public School for 8 years.  Acting is in my blood.  I have acted in two Telefilms, Pehchaan with Mohan Gokhle (Mr Yogi fame), Faasle with Benjamin Gilani, Aaap Ki adalat with Rajat Sharma.  I have also done a few commercials for Zee TV for Horlicks, and Phoenix shoes, to name a few.  A message film on “Save Water” is till on air on Delhi Doordarshan.  I have done a few plays on Lucknow Radio Station, and have won many best acting awards in School and College Drama Competitions.  I have also directed a few plays during my school teaching in India, as well as in Sydney.  My two children Shaizy and Kabir are also acting with me in “Hamare Padosi”.

Vijay Jogia with Ajay



I am a professional singer and performer from Sydney. I learnt singing from a very early age. My voice resembles that of the great singer Mukesh. I have released 10 albums to date.

I also host indian television shows for TVS and AMTV.


Having acted in 3 movies and Television commercials, I am giving my debut stage performance in Abhinay Theatre’s stage Play “Hamare Padosi’ directed by Arvind Gaur.




 I am interested in theatre, and worked in India with the Rangdhara group.  I have attended the NSD Drama Workshop in Sydney.  I am a Medical Doctor by profession.

Sanghmitra with ravi


I came to Sydney six years ago.  While in India I worked in several television serials and documentaries (which are telecasted on SBS every year) - telefilms.  The most memorable television series was Likh Tandon’s “Kahan Se Kahan TaR” telecasted on Zee TV.  Currently I am a student as the University of Technology in Sydney.


 Namaskaar!  I am a new migrant here.  I came to Sydney only four months ago.  I have had a deep passion for acting from my childhood.  During my College days and after, I got the opportunity to work with Yatrik Theatres in Delhi.  But due to social pressures I had to quit, but now, fortunately, I joined Abhinay Theatres, and I am here doing a play with India’s renowned Theatre Director, Shree. Arvind Gaur.


Rajkumar with Neha Agarwal


 I arrived in Sydney on 23 October 2003 after spending about 15 years of my life in the teaching profession, working at various levels in School Education in India.  Since my arrival I have been teaching as Lecturer at the Department of Science and Chemical Technology at the Sydney University of Technology (SIT) in Ultimo.  I have a Doctorate degree in Chemistry.



 I was born in Sydney.  I am 18 years old and am currently studying physiotherapy in my first year of University.  I have done various plays and performances throughout primary school and high school drama.  My greatest passion lies in dancing and performing where I am best able to express myself.  Being a part of this workshop has challenged my Hindi, but I am very proud to say that it is getting better.  Going from Dorothy the Dinosaur in a kindergarten play to being a character under Arvind Gaur Ji has so far been an absolutely fantastic opportunity and experience.


sanjay Kamrah with Chandi perera


 I have been living in Sydney for the past seven years.  In the past seven years I have learnt that hard work and persistence are the keys to success.


Chandi Perera


 I have been working mainly on screen, both locally and overseas. You have probably seen me mostly with Fiji TV (FTV) on TVS, which has been a rewarding team experience. Abhinay Theatre is my second public theatre experience, and I found that theatre is quite a different feel from screen work.  And it has been fun too. When I’m not acting I run a dance group - we call ourselves ‘Spices of Bollywood”. What inspire me – seeing love for life.




 I have been living in Sydney for the past 16 years, and am running a very successful business in specialised photocopying paper.  I also run Dadoo Entertainers Group, and love to sing Kishore Kumar songs.  I have released many DVD clips and will be presenting a concert on 17th September.


gargi Shah with Krishan Anand


 I am a Consultant and Advisor to very large enterprises in computer networks and systems.  I have travelled widely around the US, Europe, Africa, India, and Australia.  I am Past President of the Indian Association AHIA, and am a serving Rotarian.  I have been a public speaker in Information Technology.  I am a happily married man with a talented singer wife, and we have two children – one boy, Bharat (21) and a married daughter, Meena (27).  My elderly 80 year old mother lives with us.



 I am a Banker with two children, and married to a handsome Indian man.  I am a teacher with a passion for music and singing.  I have acted in plays, and have travelled extensively around the world.  I love travel, painting, and cooking.



 I have been a teacher all my life, teaching arts and crafts.  Being interested in all aspects of art such as dancing, singing and drama, I have been actively involved in these activities at school, not just teaching kids for different performances, but also judging performances.  My fascination and talent has attracted me to this play.  I have been in Sydney since one year and a half.  I have been an active member of different senior groups of Sydney.



Nikki Bebortha


 I am a student of Tourism, doing a Master in Tourism Management at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS).  I work with Flight Centre in North Sydney.  My interests are travelling, meeting people, cooking (yes! You are invited), reading books, watching movies and theatre.


Lucky Singh with Shaizy Singh


 I am a first year student at Macquarie University.  I’ve done a few TV ads when I was young and various plays and dramas at DPS Faridabad in India.  Being a part of this play, Hamare Parosi has made me discover my talent for acting again.  I have also done a fashion show for EVOKE IV, a Charity event, and a Bridal Show at Independence Day’s India Fair in 2006.  I am maintaining these talents just as a hobby but determined to pursue an academic career in International business.


Kabir Singh, Shubha Kumar, Abhijit ,Ravi Chanana, with Hemant Tanna


I am only 56 years young!  I have seen over 28 Christmases in Sydney.  There is nothing that I have missed or not experienced, and still there may be plenty to explore …. I am searching for something new, something exciting. I am an Electronics Engineer, a businessman, and have always believed in simple thinking and high living … take it easy mate!


May be I will see through a hundred or so more years of living.



Hello friends! I am born and grew up in New Delhi India. I have done my Bachelor  of Hotel Management from Saptagiri college of hotel management, Mangalore University, Karnataka India. I began my career in hospitality at hotel samrat(Indian tourism development corporation),I under took specialized trainings at Holiday inn and Maurya Sheraton Hotel&Towers, New Delhi.I spent years at kathmandu Nepal at hotel Taj Annapurna then became sous chef in the exclusive fine dinning restaurant Mirchi in the heart of New Delhi.I arrived in Sydney on the new years eve (31st Dec 2005).I am now working and promoting Indian cuisines at hotel Stamford grand north ryde NSW.